You can use the following UNFI Insights dashboards to help you track the health of your business and answer targeted questions about your business. For more on the types of analysis you can perform to help you run a great food business, see CPG Data Basics.

Note: Some dashboards are only available for UNFI Naturals or UNFI Conventional data. For UNFI Naturals suppliers, availability depends on your UNFI subscription level, so all of the following dashboards may not be available to you.

Business Health dashboards

  • Year Over Year Distribution: Compare sales to last year to discover what drives growth.
  • Year Over Year Sales: See how your distribution this year stacks up to last year.
  • Year Over Year Velocity: Track how your products’ success is changing year to year.
  • Year Over Year Specialty Chain Sales: Monitor how your sales performance at specialty chains is changing year to year.

Explore dashboards

  • Distribution: Learn how your distribution contributes to sales and growth.
  • Sales: Evaluate your sales performance at any point in time.
  • Velocity: Track success (regardless of store count) for any time frame.
  • Inventory: Efficiently manage your inventory to improve profitability.
  • Distribution Center Inventory: Optimize inventory at the DC level, so you can meet customer demand and maximize sales.
  • Sales drivers: Stay informed on what is driving your sales up or down.
  • Potential Lost Sales: Pinpoint where you may miss out on sales due to low inventory.
  • Spoilage Risk: Identify and take action on products at risk of expiring.
  • Fill Rate: Check fill rate performance to spot and remedy shipping issues.
  • Retention: Dig into distribution details to spot stores that are at risk.
  • Chargebacks: Track trade spend and discover how to improve profitability.
  • Specialty Chain Sales: Monitor your sales performance at specialty chains.
  • Distribution Expansion: Identify where a product category is growing and ripe for expansion.
  • Category Performance: Explore your performance in and contribution to a category.

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