This dashboard combines Vendor Browse reports to help you identify where you may be missing out on sales due to low inventory.
Note: This dashboard is only available to UNFI Supply Chain by ClearVue subscribers.

The following sections describe the visualizations in this dashboard.

Potential Lost Sales by Product

This visualization takes your weekly UNFI demand forecast and compares it to your quantity on hand. The yellow bars represent the deficit between the two, while the green bars show the wholesale dollars at risk. You can right-click on a bar and select Show all to see a breakdown of the deficit. 


Potential Lost Sales by DC

This visualization compares your UNFI demand forecast with your quantity on hand and rolls them up to the distribution center level. You can hover over a bar for more information or click on a bar to filter the dashboard by that DC.


Potential Lost Sales Detail

This sortable table breaks down potential lost sales in greater detail by showing by product and DC combinations.


Total Pipe by Warehouse

This chart compares your weekly forecast and with your total warehouse pipe (cases on hand and on order). You can right click on a bar to see a breakdown by product.


Forecast vs Quantity on Hand by DC

This chart focuses solely on what you have on hand at a DC versus what the demand forecast is. If your on hand quantity is low compared to the forecast, you can review the Total Pipe by Warehouse visualization to see how much is on order.


Weeks on Hand by DC

This chart presents another view of your supply chain. To come up with the number of weeks on hand, we've taken your on hand quantities by DC and then divided them by your weekly forecast. Weeks of pipe is calculated similarly, adding on order quantities to your on hands to show how many weeks you could go without more orders.