Using UNFI's Weekly Supplier Service Level report, this dashboard displays information that helps you hone in on your level of service to distribution centers and areas where you may be over or under-shipping. We calculate fill rate as quantity received divided by quantity ordered. If you see fill rates over 100% that means you have delivered more than was ordered. Fill rates less than 100% mean you have delivered less than was ordered. You can see the quantity ordered and quantity received in the Details table at the bottom of this dashboard to help you understand the numbers that went into the fill rate calculation. 

Note: This dashboard is only available to UNFI Supply Chain by ClearVue subscribers.

Use the following map of the screen to help you understand the visualizations on this dashboard:


1.png Fill Rate Over Time

This visualization shows how your fill rate has changed over time, so you can gauge the health of your service level. 

2.png Fill Rate Overview Tiles

These tiles provide high-level information about your fill rate performance and patterns. Once you add filters, these tiles add even more context, displaying your fill rate percentage for the selected time frame, the total number of orders, and the number of orders that were over and under filled. 

3.png Fill Rate by Product, DC

These visualizations display your fill rate percentages by both product and distribution center. Hover on a bar for the exact percentage or click to filter the dashboard by product or DC.

Details (table)


This table provides more granular information to help you put your insights into action. You can click on a cell to filter the table or select the Tile actions menu (three_dots.png), then select Download data to export your data to an Excel file that you can easily share with others.