This dashboard Crisp provides insights into what products at which DCs are at risk of expiring, so you can take action to reduce both food and financial waste.

Note: This dashboard is only available to UNFI Supply Chain by ClearVue subscribers.

Spoilage Risk by Product, Distribution Center

Hover for more details into how many wholesale dollars are at risk for a given product or with a specific DC. For a warehouse with an especially high dollar amount at risk, you may want to click on it to filter the dashboard by that DC and identify products on its shelves that need to move quickly.


Spoilage Risk Detail

Click the headers in this table to sort your products by expiration date, weeks to expiration, weeks on hand by lot, and wholesale dollars at risk by lot. For aberrant or unexpected figures, we recommend contacting UNFI or the individual distribution center.  Spoilage_Risk_Detail.png