This dashboard reveals trade spend and compliance deductions insights in a number of ways that can help you improve your profitability. The following sections describe each visualization in this dashboard. 

Note: Initially this dashboard will contain 6 months worth of historical deductions data. 


1.png Deductions

The vertical bars in this line chart compare your total sales in dollars (green) with your total deductions in dollars (pink). The deduction percentage of your sales (yellow) overlays these bars. This can help you determine whether your spend has had a positive impact on sales. 

2.png Overview Tiles

These three overview tiles show the total sales in dollars, total deductions in dollars, and total deduction percentage of sales. By filtering for seasonal periods or times of heavy promotion, you can better identify how much lift is driven by spend.

3.png Deductions by DC

This sortable table allows you to see deduction dollars by distribution center to help you determine if particular distribution centers may be driving deductions.

4.png Deductions by Type

The Crisp Deduction Type pie chart allows you to see how your deductions break down based on categorization type to help you understand what type of things make up the majority of your deductions. The accuracy of this breakdown depends on how many of your deductions are categorized in Crisp's deductions tool.  For more on categorizing deductions, see Managing deductions.

5.png Categorization Status visualizations

In the Total Deductions by Categorization Status pie chart, you can see the percentage of your deductions that remain uncategorized. The Total Uncategorized/Disputed Deductions tiles allow you to see the total dollar amounts for uncategorized and disputed deductions based on the selected filters to help you get a quick sense of how many deductions need your attention. 


Total Deduction Dollars by State (heat map)

This map helps you track the states in which your deduction dollars are high or low. 


Deductions Details


This table displays store-level details and invoice numbers along with deduction dollars and types. You can hover over the right corner of the table and click the "⋮" ellipses to download.