When you are categorizing deductions in Crisp, you may want to split a single transaction into multiple amounts, so that you can categorize them separately. For more information on categorizing deductions, see Managing deductions.

Note: Initially the deductions tool will contain 6 months worth of historical deductions data and 3 months of historical backup.

To split a deduction:

  1. From the Deductions Overview screen, select the deduction you want to split.
    A screen appears that includes the PDF backup on the right and options for categorization on the left.

  2. To the right of the deduction amount, select the Split button.
    Note: The transaction type must be set to Deduction for this button to appear.

  3. Select the Add split button.


  4. Select the deduction type for the split, enter the split amount, and fill out any of the optional fields you want to include.Deductions_tool_009.png
    Hint: The total deduction amount appears at the top-right of the Split deductions pane. The Remaining amount to assign field, shows you how much of the total deduction amount remains uncategorized. 

  5. If you want, you can select Add split to categorize any remaining amount. 
    Hint: You can also select Duplicate last entry to create an identical split. 

  6. Enter any notes you want to add, then select the Save splits button. 
    Your split(s) are saved and the main deduction categorization screen reappears.