Starting in early February 2023, Crisp is getting a new look that allows you to more easily browse the site with a side navigation and find dashboards and reports in a flash in our new Analytics menu.

The new design offers the following enhancements: 

  1. More easily scan for the features you need in the new, condensed menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. The new Analytics menu allows you to access your dashboards and saved reports in one click, from anywhere in the application.


  3. In the Analytics menu, you can use the new filters at the top right of the menu to quickly narrow down reports by type.

  4. The new Pin button at the top-right of any dashboard allows you to keep reports you use often at the top of your report list. You can access your pinned reports by selecting Analytics > All Reports.

    Note: Pinned reports do not retain any filters you may have set up. To retain filters use the Save button to create a saved report. 

Initially, you can revert back to the previous design if you need to by selecting Settings > Switch to the legacy design. After an initial trial period, the new design will replace the previous one.