Crisp Walmart dashboards include data for Canada and Mexico if your organization sells products in those locations and has set up connectors for that data. Crisp reports data in the home currency of the country where the sales took place, so if you sell products in more than one country, your dashboard will (by default) display sales in a blend of currencies. You will need to filter your dashboard by source connector to get an accurate portrait of sales reported in a single currency.

For example, to filter your dashboard to only show U.S. sales:

  1. Select the More filters menu, then from the Connector section, select Is not.
  2. Select the drop-down in the any value field, then select international data connectors (e.g., Retail Link - CA) to exclude them. Repeat this step for any additional international data connectors. 
  3. Select the Update button at the top-right of the screen. 
    Your dashboard updates and excludes the data from the connectors you specified. If you want to see only data for a specific international location, such as Canada, you can use the same process and set the Connector filter to is Walmart Retail Link - CA  (or whatever the Canada connector is named for your organization).