UNFI Natural suppliers can quickly submit deduction disputes from within Crisp's deductions tool.

To dispute a deduction:

  1. From the main menu at the left side of the screen select Deductions or Deductions Tool (in UNFI Insights). 
    The Deductions Overview page appears with a list of payments from your distributor.
  2. Select a payment, then select the transaction for which you want to file a dispute.
    A screen appears that includes the PDF backup (if available) on the right and options for categorization on the left.
  3. Enter any transaction details you want to include, then at the bottom of the screen, select File as > For dispute.
  4. Select the File dispute button.
    The screen updates and provides fields for submitting your dispute. 
  5. Enter a company and requestor name and email, as well as the amount you want to dispute and a reason for dispute.
  6. If you want, fill out any of the optional fields and add an attachment (such as a promotion agreement) to support your dispute claim.
  7. Click the Submit dispute button.
    Your claim is sent to UNFI. Further communications about your claim will take place via email, so check the email you provided for a response to your claim.