Manufacturers and suppliers that sell their products through C&S Wholesale Grocers have access to point of sale data via the C&S vendor portal. 

By setting up a connector between Crisp and this portal, you can analyze the data using Crisp's easy-to-use, actionable dashboards or feed that data into any data destination

To connect your account to Crisp:

  1. Log into your Crisp account.
  2. From the main menu on the left side of the screen, select Connectors.

  3. Select the Add connector button.

  4. Select the C&S connector tile.

  5. If you want, update the name of your data source, then enter your username and password for C&S.

  6. Select the Save button.

A diagnostic checklist appears on the right side of the screen. Once all the items are complete, green check marks appear next to them and the connection is finalized.