In early 2021, Target made some behind-the-scenes updates to their file-sharing process that disconnected existing Crisp connections.

To get your Target connector back up in Crisp, complete the following these steps:

1. Visit

2. This will take you to a site with Kiteworks at the top. Enter your email address, then select the  Next button. 


3. Click the Forgot Password? link. 


4. Enter your email address again, then click the Send button.


5. Check your inbox for an email from MerchBPD to reset your password. If you haven't received a reset email within 24 hours, please email for assistance.

6. From the password reset email, select the Reset password button. 


7. Follow the instructions in your email to set a password.
Note: This password will be specific to Kiteworks – it does not need to match your Partners Online password and it will not change your Partners Online password.

8. Once you've created your new password, log in to Crisp. From the main menu at the left of the screen, select Connectors, then from the Sources tab select the Target connector tile. 

9. Update the password field with the password you just created. 


10. Select the Save & Test button.

Your connection is restored.