The visualizations in the explore UNFI sales dashboard are there to help you see the bigger picture of your sales performance through UNFI. Quickly jump to a specific visualization by clicking the links below.

Cases Shipped Over Time
Total Sales Over Time
Current YTD Sales Dollars, Quantities
Sales by Product
Sales by State
Sales by Slice (Chain, Channel, DC, etc.)
Sales Details


Cases Shipped Over Time

This graph compares cases shipped over the selected time frame. With dashboard filters applied, you can get a better sense of product performance and customer sales. Hover for more details or click to filter the dashboard by that specific week and year.

Sales Dollars Over Time

Similar to the above graph, this visualization displays your sales over time in dollars instead of cases.

Total Cases Shipped, Total Sales Dollars

These tiles, which change based on your selected filters, summarize your current total sales in both dollars and units. 

Sales by Product

This sortable table slices your sales by product, providing a closer look at how your items are performing. Click on a name to filter the dashboard by that product and see year over year comparisons for it.


Sales by State

This heat map allows you to quickly observe regions where product popularity is high versus regions that are underperforming. Hover over a state to see sales dollars and cases shipped. States can also drilled into by zip code by right-clicking, enabling you and your marketing team to make more strategic decisions regarding SEO and distribution.


Sales by Slice (Chain, Channel, DC)

These three tables take your sales and slice them by city, channel, chain and distribution center. Click the "⋮" vertical ellipses in the top right corner of a table to download in your preferred format.


Sales Detail

This table displays individual store/product combinations, summarizing the sales and cases shipped for each. Click on a name in the Store column to filter the dashboard by that store, allowing you to get a closer look at product performance within an individual location.