Manufacturers and suppliers that sell their products through Walmart have access to Walmart Retail Link and Walmart Luminate Basic data.

By setting up a connector between Crisp and this portal, you can analyze the data using Crisp's easy-to-use, actionable dashboards or feed that data into any data destination

You can learn more about subscriptions to the Crisp Walmart Luminate Basic connector here.

Prepare for setting up the connection:

To set up this connection, you will create a new connector in Crisp, then you will use the information generated during setup to create a new user in Retail Link specifically for Crisp. To create new users in Retail Link, you will need admin access.

Note:  If you were previously connecting via bot account, Walmart Luminate Basic does not allow bot account users. Crisp does not use bots to access your data, our team manually downloads data from the Walmart system.

Set up your connection in Crisp:

  1. Log into your Crisp account.   

  2. From the main menu on the left side of the screen, select Connectors.

  3. Select the Add connector button. 
  4. Select the Walmart Luminate Basic connector tile.
  5. If you want, update the name for your connector.

  6. You can leave the other fields blank for now, they will be automatically generated when you save your connector.
  7. Select the Save button.

The rest of the fields are now automatically populated with the information you will need to create a new user in Retail Link. Keep this screen open so you can use it as a reference when you create the new user.

Set up a unique user for Crisp in the Retail Link portal:

  1. Set up a new Retail Link user just for Crisp. For more help on adding a user in Retail Link, see Walmart Supplier Help > User Management.
  2. Make sure to enter the following information during setup: 
    • For the first/last name, email address and phone number, copy/paste the information generated from the Crisp connector setup screen.
    • For the following additional fields, copy/paste the information from the Crisp connector setup screen or enter/select the following:
      • Employee Type = Third Party
      • What is your third-party company name? = Crisp, INC
      • What is your third-party company type? = Other
      • Third-party Type = Analytics Data Platform
      • Employee Position = Other
      • Roles = Luminate User
      • Supplier = select the appropriate supplier(s)
        Note: You do not need to select any additional options, such as "This is a bot user account" or  "I have Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) details for this user".
  3. Click the Add user button to finalize setting up the new user.
  4. Once you have created the new user, contact Crisp support to let them know you have created the user in Retail Link and provide them with the email address used for the new user you created. 

On the connector setup screen in Crisp, a diagnostic checklist appears on the right side of the screen. Once all the items are complete, green check marks appear next to them and the connection is finalized.