This report helps you understand pricing changes and how they impact your business, so you can optimize your pricing strategy to boost sales and margins.

Note: This report is in beta release. For questions or feedback, please contact Crisp support

Item Overview page

This page allows you to see how your products are priced and review this alongside sales to understand how pricing impacts your business.


Item details table

This table provides your average retail price and sales data by product, so you can investigate the relationship between pricing and sales.

You can right-click a product in this table and select Drill through > Price Point Map to see a state by state view of the price point per store for your products. Hint: We recommend reviewing products in this map individually by filtering by product number to help you easily see exact pricing data by store.

Price point table

This table displays your prices (sorted ascending) to help you see where your prices are highest and lowest and how many stores are selling at each price.

Store Count by Retail

This plot provides the store count on the y-axis and the retail price on the x-axis to help you quickly spot outliers in terms of price and see the corresponding store counts to help you gauge the prevalence of that price point. 

Average Retail Price by Product Category

This chart displays your average retail price by category to help you get an overall sense of your pricing by category. You can also right click a bar in this chart and drill-down see retail pricing distribution by subcategory, fineline, or product.


Price Change Velocity Tracker page

This page allows you to quickly see pricing actions that have taken place and gauge their impact. 


Overview tiles

  • Items with Price Change- Displays the total number of items with a retail price change.
  • Avg Weeks with New Price- Displays the average number of Walmart weeks where there was a new price.
  • Items with Cost Change- Displays the total number of items where the purchase cost has changed.
  • Sales Amount Average YOY %- Displays the percent change in average sales dollars year over year.
  • Sales Quantity Average YOY %- DIsplays the percent change in average sales quantity year over year.
  • Next 4 Weeks Sales Projection- Displays the dollars you are projected to sell in the next four weeks.


  • Sales Quantity vs PY- Displays your sales quantities over time for the current and prior year.
  • Sales Amount vs PY- Displays your sales amount over time for the current and prior year.
  • Average Retail Price Current and Velocity Sales (Stores w/ Sales) Current by Walmart Year and Walmart Week- Displays your current average retail price as well as your sales velocity (for stores with sales) over time to help you understand the relationship between price and sales and find an optimal pricing strategy. 

Pre vs Post Price Change table

This table helps you track price change impact by product. You can see the weeks since the last price change and pre and post-price change average sales dollars, to help you see if a price change had a positive impact on sales.