Category advisors can use this report to help them gauge how a modular change is performing for their brands and suggest product mix or modular changes to enhance performance. Brands can understand what their product mix assortments look like across modulars and how modular changes such as gained/lost facings/capacities impact their business. 

Note: This report is in beta release. For questions or feedback, please contact Crisp support

Post Modular Review page

This report page allows you to analyze your performance pre and post a modular change to see the impact on your business. 


  • Modular Category-The category that defines the type of merchandise the modular contains.
  • Effective Date- The date that a specific planogram becomes valid for this department/category.
  • Product Number- The Walmart item number.
  • Modular Relay Week Start- The week the planogram update rolls out.
  • # of Weeks Pre Modular- Allows you to set the number of weeks to include before the modular went into effect.
  • # of weeks Post Modular- Allows you to set the number of weeks to include after the modular went into effect.
  • Modular Relay Week End- Allows you to specify the end for the post modular analysis period.


  • Pre & Post mod Sales % Chg YOY- This chart displays your year over year percent change in sales for the pre and post modular time period. 
  • Pre, Reset, and Post Modular Sales Over Time- This chart provides your sales over the entire modular change period and percent change year over year to help you quickly see the sales impact of the modular change. 
  • Post Mod Sales $ Chg YOY- This chart displays the change in sales dollars YOY for the post-modular period. 
  • Post Modular Sales Amount by Brand- This chart provides your post-modular sales by brand, so you can see if there's a sales boost from the modular change.
  • Modular change details by product table- This table provides your pre and post-modular data by product to help you assess how modular changes impacted that product's performance.

Modular Assignment List page

This report page allows you to gauge how well a modular is performing by reviewing sales velocity and see how big of an impact the modular has on your products by reviewing item and store counts. 

Product Mix Breakdown table

You can use this table to review the performance of your modulars and drill-through to things like store details to get more granular insight into performance.

Modular Days of Supply page

The table on this page provides details about how the product appears on the modular, your capacity, and how long it is projected to last. 

Case Pack Compliance page

This table on this page allows category advisors to determine if brands are compliant with the number of case packs to be kept on the shelf as per Walmart's compliance rules.