This article provides a list of new features and enhancements to UNFI Insights.

April 2024 Updates

New filter allows you to choose how you group products that may be the same

What's new?

Previously, UNFI Insights identified and grouped products that have the same product name together to try to consolidate your data. Now, you can choose whether you want to group products that may be the same by product or UPC, to help you ensure that separate products are not grouped together.

How do I see it?

Just select the new Group by Product or UPC filter on any dashboard and select the criteria by which you want to group products. If you select Product, products with the same name will be rolled up into one. If you select UPC, products with the same UPC will be rolled up into one.

UNFI Insights Chain filter and fields now reflect the chain name rather than the store owner name

What's new?

Previously, chain filters and fields were based on the store owner, rather than the chain name familiar to most suppliers. We have updated the Chain filters and fields in UNFI Insights dashboards to be based on on a different source field that provides the actual chain name to help you more easily filter and analyze data by chain.

The Conventional Distribution Expansion dashboard now loads faster

What's new?

We've improved how our data is structured to reduce load times for this dashboard.