If you cannot download the Crisp add-in for Excel, which allows you to easily manage the reports and data that download and sync to Excel and optimizes performance, you can connect Crisp to Excel via OData feed. 

Once you create an Excel connector in Crisp, complete the following steps to finalize the connection to Excel via OData feed:

  1. From the Connectors screen in Crisp, locate the Excel tile you created, then select More menu three_dots.png > Copy OData feed


    The link is copied to your clipboard and ready to paste into Excel.

  2. Open a blank Excel Worksheet and select the Data tab.


  3. From the Get Data menu, select From Other Sources > From ODataFeed.

    The OData feed window appears.
  4. Paste the URL you copied from Crisp into the URL field, then select the OK button.
  5. In the dialog box that appears, select Basic.


  6. Navigate back to the Excel Connector details screen in Crisp. Under OData username, select the Copy to clipboard link.

  7. Return to Excel, and in the User Name box, paste the value. Repeat this process for the OData Password field.


  8. From the Select which level to apply these settings to drop-down menu, select the last level in the list.
  9. Select the Connect button.
    A list of the data tables you configured appears.
  10. From the list of tables, select the one you want to work with, then select the Load button.

    If the configuration is successful, the pane show in the following image appears on the right, indicating progress:

Once complete, your data appears in tabular format and is ready for you to work with.

Automatically refresh your Excel file with the latest data

Since the Excel connector is an automated feed of your data, Excel only refreshes data from the Crisp platform when you tell it to. If you want to set up Excel to automatically refresh data at a specified interval, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Table Design tab, select Refresh > Connection Properties.

  2. From the window that appears, select Refresh every [60] minutes.
    Note: We recommend leaving this setting at the default of 60 minutes.

  3. Select the OK button.
    Your data now automatically refreshes every 60 minutes. Data refreshes from the Crisp platform are also subject to the update frequency of the source data (e.g., your Target, KeHE, or UNFI connection).