Crisp provides a continuous feed of sales and inventory data from multiple retailer and distributor portals all in one place, saving you the time and effort of manually pulling reports and synthesizing data. With Crisp, you can focus on gaining insights that help you grow your business, keep shelves stocked, and reduce waste.

You can connect data to Crisp from the top 80% of U.S. retailer and distributor sources and use our intuitive dashboards to rapidly gauge metrics important to your business. With a few clicks, you can see how a certain product is selling in different zip codes, where your velocity is highest, and whether or not you’re stocked up for a promotion. For a full list of data sources you can connect to Crisp: Getting Your Data into Crisp

Crisp can also continuously feed your data to  data warehouses (like BigQuery and Snowflake) or analysis tools like Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and Tableau, so that data-savvy employees can spend less time downloading reports and more time finding and sharing meaningful data stories for your brand. For a full list of destinations to which you can send your data, see: Exporting Your Data

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