Manufacturers and suppliers that sell their products through Walmart have access to Walmart Retail Link. This portal enables suppliers to access their Business Partner Data (BPD), providing them with raw sales and inventory information for their products. 

By setting up a connector between Crisp and this portal, you can analyze the data using Crisp's easy-to-use, actionable dashboards or feed that data into any outbound connector

You can learn more about subscriptions to the Crisp Walmart Retail Link dashboard here.

Prepare for setting up the connection: 

  1. Multi-factor authentication for the Walmart Retail Link portal is turned on by default and can cause data sync issues. Before you set up a Walmart connector in Crisp, contact Walmart support and request they turn-off multi-factor authentication. You can use the following language when you submit your support request: 

    “I am reaching out to you as the site admin of [your organization name] because my organization has been negatively impacted by the multi-factor authentication roll-out and bot update. Is it possible to please send the survey that was included in your March 24th announcement, so that we may fill it out and continue to use our bot automation tools?”

    Note: If you have any issues turning off multi-factor authentication, please contact Crisp support

  2. Confirm access to the Walmart Retail Link portal and Decision Support App:

  3. If you do not have access to these apps, complete the following steps to request access:
    • Navigate to the Supplier Center.
    • Select the Decision Support app, then confirm that you do not need to verify your account information for this app.
    • If you are prompted to provide your company's general information, complete the sections requested.
    • Select the Create button.
      A confirmation page appears.
    • Select correct to finalize the app set up.
    • Repeat this process to request access to the OTIF Scorecard app. 

Connecting Crisp and Walmart Retail Link


  1. Log into your Crisp account.   

  2. From the main menu at the top right of the screen, select Inbound Connectors


  3. Select the Walmart connector tile.
  4. If you want, update the name for your connector, then enter the username and password for your Walmart Retail Link portal.

  5.  Select the Save button.


A diagnostic checklist appears on the right side of the screen. Once all the items are complete, green check marks appear next to them and the connection is finalized.