Manufacturers and suppliers that sell their products through Walmart have access to Walmart Retail Link. This portal enables suppliers to access their Business Partner Data (BPD), providing them with raw sales and inventory information for their products. 

By setting up a connector between Crisp and this portal, you can analyze the data using Crisp's easy-to-use, actionable dashboards or feed that data into any data destination

You can learn more about subscriptions to the Crisp Walmart Retail Link dashboard here.

Prepare for setting up the connection: 

  1. Make sure you have access to an administrative Walmart Retail Link account, so you can set up a new user for Crisp:

    • At the top-right corner of the screen, select your initials/profile picture.
    • Select My user account, then select Admin settings.
      If the account is an admin account, you will see User management listed as an option on this screen.

Bot users

If you want to set up bot account for Retail Link and need help with set up, see Walmart Supplier Help > Supplier Bot Management.


Connecting Crisp and Walmart Retail Link

Prepare the connection in Crisp:

  1. Log into your Crisp account.   

  2. From the main menu on the left side of the screen, select Connectors.


  3. Select the Add connector button. 
  4. Select the Walmart connector tile.
  5. If you want, update the name for your connector, then enter a placeholder username and password, so you can generate a phone number to use for two-factor authentication when you set up a new Retail Link user for Crisp

  6. Select the country (in most cases, this will be USA). 
  7. In the Phone Number section, make sure Create new is selected.
  8. In the Backoff minutes field, enter the default of 240 minutes.
    Note: Entering a shorter time frame than the default of 240 minutes requires prior authorization, may incur additional costs, and may cause issues with the connection without prior authorization. Contact Crisp support to discuss your options if you need more frequent data pulls.
  9. If you are entering credentials for a bot user that you set up in Retail Link, enter the bot token in the corresponding field. For more on setting up bot users or generating a bot token, see Walmart Supplier Help > Supplier Bot Management.
  10. Select the Save button.


    Your connector saves and a screen with a list of your connectors appears.
  11. Select the connector you just created, then copy the phone number that was generated or keep it handy for when you set up in your Retail Link user in the following steps.

Set up a unique user for Crisp in the Retail Link portal:

  1. Set up a Retail Link user just for Crisp and make sure to enter the following information during set up: 
    • For the first name and last name, use your own information.
    • Each Walmart Retail Link user must have a unique email address, so during set up you need to use an email alias, so you can create the new user and still receive emails for the account at your email address. Most email networks support using a plus sign alias with no set up required, such as adding +crisp after the first part of your email address, so you can enter an email address for the new user formatted as in the following example: For specific instructions, see Microsoft Support > Add or remove an email alias in or Google help > Add or delete an alternate email address (email alias).
    • Set up the new user to use Multi-Factor Authentication by selecting the I have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) details for this user checkbox and specifying the following details:
      • MFA type= Phone Number
      • Employee type= Direct employee
      • Employee position = select the best description
      • Role= full access additional user
      • Supplier= select the appropriate supplier enter the phone number you generated in Crisp
  2. To request the additional access needed for the user, search for “Suburbia", then select DSS - Suburbia Vendor User.

  3. Select the country drop-down menu, then enter the country for the user. 

  4. If prompted to provide a reason for this additional access, enter “Running Reports”.

    You will receive an email from Walmart Retail Link confirming that your account was created and this will prompt you to set a password.

  5. Create your password.
    Keep your new user name and password handy, so you can enter them in Crisp in the following steps.

Finalize the connection in Crisp:

  1. Return to the connector set up screen in Crisp, then replace the placeholder name and password you entered previously, with the new user name and password for the Retail Link user you just set up.
  2. Select the Save button.


    Note: If you were unable to provide your MFA details during account creation, then you may need to log in using your new password and verify your identity once before Crisp can successfully connect by completing the following steps:
    • Log in to Retail Link while you have Crisp open showing your inbound connector for Walmart. When you get to the "verify identity" step in Crisp, Crisp will show the verification code that it received on the Walmart inbound connector page.
    • Verify the code.

A diagnostic checklist appears on the right side of the screen. Once all the items are complete, green check marks appear next to them and the connection is finalized.
Note: It will take Walmart a full 24 hours to populate the “country” information throughout your new Retail Link account. Crisp will fail on the Verify country access step for the first day. Your Customer Support Manager will retry the connection the following day to confirm Crisp passes that step.