Users who have purchased outbound connectors have the option to download templates created by Crisp to assist them in reading and manipulating their data outside of our platform. Currently, these templates are only available for Windows.

This short tutorial will cover how to access and set up the templates Crisp has provided for Excel. 

Accessing Templates

1. When logged into an applicable dashboard in Crisp, you will see "Explore in Excel" in the top right corner of your screen.


2. Click "Explore in Excel." A dropdown menu will then appear with the different templates you can download. 


3. Click on the template you wish to use in Excel. The file will then download, and an overlay will appear in your browser with instructions to follow.


4. Open the file in Excel, follow the instructions in your browser, and you'll be set!

Setting Up a Template

If you've closed the overlay that provides instructions upon download, please follow these steps to set up your downloaded template.

1. Open the file in Excel.

2. Click "Enable Content" at the top of your spreadsheet.


3. An "OData Feed" authentication prompt will then pop up. Select "Basic" on the left.


4. In Crisp, click the dropdown grid menu Dropdown_Grid_Menu.pngand select Connectors > Outbound Connectors.

5. Click on the connector with the same name as your downloaded file.


6. Copy the OData username and password provided by Crisp.


7. Return to Excel and paste the username and password into the authentication prompt's fields.

8. Click "Connect."