The supply chain dashboard displays inventory and shipping information to help you gauge the health of your supply chain.

Note: We do not display data in this dashboard from before the connection was created. We display the data available starting on the day we connect (which can include up to 14 days of historical data).

The following sections describe each visualization in this dashboard. Quickly jump to a specific visualization by clicking the links below.

Inventory and In Stock Over Time
Overview Tiles
Average Quantity on Hand by Product
Quantity on Hand
Instock Over Time by Product
Average Quantity on Hand by City
Store List



1.png Inventory and In Stock Over Time

This visualization displays both your total quantity on hand and your average in-stock percentage (charted over time) to help you track the overall health of your supply chain as well as correlate promotion success with the quantity on hand at a particular time.
Note: Target calculates in stock using the shelf space allotted for the product (presentation minimum), so you can see an on hand quantity above zero, but still be considered out of stock. 

2.png Overview Tiles

These tiles help you quickly get a sense of your current inventory and out of stocks, so you can spot and address issues with shipping and inventory.

3.png Average Quantity on Hand by Product

This table displays your quantity on hand and in-stock percentages by product (over the time period selected in the Date filter) to help you uncover supply issues with products getting into stores.


Quantity on Hand (heat map)

Hover over the states in this heat map to see your total and average quantity on hand by state. This heat map updates based on the filters you apply.


Average Quantity on Hand by City

This table shows the total quantity on hand against the average quantity on hand by city. You can click a column header to sort the table by descending or ascending order or click a row in the table to apply a filter. 



Store List

This sortable table provides a detailed look at specific stores and both current and historical average quantity on hand, as well as in stock status.