Users who have purchased the Power BI outbound connector have the option to download a Power BI template created by Crisp to assist them in reading and manipulating their UNFI data outside of our platform. Please note that you must have the UNFI connector enabled in Crisp first. 

Accessing Templates

1. Open Microsoft Appsource and search for our publisher name, Crisp.


2. Find the template you wish to use and select Get it now


           Simulated image

3. From the overview page that appears, select Get it now a second time.



                                 Simulated image

4. Provide the required information and check the permissions box, then select Continue.


                                    Simulated image

4. A success message will display once the app is installed. Select Go to app to open in Power BI. You can also open Power BI and select Apps from the side menu to access the template.



Setting Up a Template

1. Open the app, then, to connect your data, select Connect.


2. In the popup that appears, paste in your OData feed URL from Crisp and select a feed start date, then select Next.


3. On the page that loads, from the Authentication method drop-down menu, select Basic, then copy and paste the username and password from the PowerBI connector page into the corresponding fields.


4. Select the Sign in and connect button.

Once your data loads, you can use the template in Power BI.