Crisp synthesizes your data from multiple retailer and distributor portals into one place, so you can easily get meaningful insights that can help you grow your sales, increase supply chain efficiency, and reduce waste. You can also use Crisp to send your data to third-party analysis tools, such as Excel or Power BI, giving you the ease of exporting data from a single portal.

To get started using Crisp:

  1. Connect your retailer portals to Crisp by creating one or more source connectors. For detailed instructions on adding source connectors: Getting Your Data Into Crisp.

  2. Analyze your data with Crisp's intuitive dashboards to help you get the big picture that your data conveys:
    • From the menu on the left side of the screen, select Analytics.

    • If you want to see a specific dashboard, search for or select the dashboard you want to use (e.g., Retailer Sales). For more on selecting dashboards, Working with dashboards. For detailed descriptions of Crisp dashboards and visualizations, see Analyzing Data.
    • If you aren't sure which dashboard to start with, you can access a quick report generation tool based on your analysis goals. Just select Quick Reports, then choose a report goal (e.g., See how sales are doing year over year).
  3. If you want to analyze your data or create your own visualizations using 3rd-party tools, you can export your data by creating a destination connector. For more: Exporting Your Data.