All brands know that promotions can help increase their sales, but creating an effective promotion requires careful planning. You can run display promotions, such as end-of-aisle displays, to maximize sales in high-performing stores or boost sales in underperforming stores. Crisp's dashboards allow you to quickly pinpoint which products and stores would benefit from a display promotion and share your results with others. 

The following example demonstrates how to create a proposal for a display promotion of two products at specific stores for a retailer. 


  1. To determine which products you may want to promote, select the Velocity dashboard for the retailer at which you want to run a promotion (e.g., Whole Foods). 


  2. In the Units Per Store Per Week by Product table, select the two products with the best velocity. Hint: You can use the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) to select multiple products from the table. 
    Your dashboard filters for the selected products. The Units Per Store Per Week tile lists the combined velocity for the selected products. You may want to take note of this value to help you assess the success of your promotion once it's complete. 

  3. Use the Units Per Store Per Week by State visualization to find and select the states you want to target for the promotion. In this case, we'll pick our top 5 performing states (CT, MA, ME, NY, PA). 

    In the Velocity details section, you now have a list of the highest velocity stores for the selected products. The stores at the top of this list are the best to target for your promotion. 

  4. To save and share this report with others:
    • Select the the Save/share report button. 
    • Enter a name for the report, then select a sharing option (e.g., Specific people). 

    • Enter the email addresses of the people with whom you would like to share the report.
    • If you want, enter a message about the report, then select the Save button. 

      The report is saved and shared with the people you specified. You can share this report with a buyer to demonstrate how a promotion would perform well for this set of products and stores. You can also share this report with others within your organization, such as a replenishment coordinator who will ensure you have enough inventory on hand for the promotion or digital marketers or merchandising coordinators who may want to run digital campaigns or demos alongside the display promotion.