Crisp's year over year (YOY) sales dashboards allow you to understand how your sales performance compares to the prior year, so you can better strategize how to drive sales and profit. You can select filters at the top of the dashboard to refine the information shown in the visualizations. The date filters on this dashboard are fixed time frames to allow for robust data comparison.

The Year Over Year Sales dashboard is divided into three sections:

  • Overview: See a snapshot of what's going on with your year over year sales.
  • Drivers: Understand the factors that contribute to your year over year sales.
  • Details: Dig in to granular information that you can act on to improve your sales.

Note: This dashboard is available for both UNFI, Whole Foods, and SV Harbor. The visualizations may differ slightly depending on which retailer/distributor dashboard you select.


The Overview section provides high-level information about your YOY sales. Use the following map of the screen to guide you.



1.png  Year Over Year Quantity/Cases Shipped

This line graph displays your sales quantity for the selected time period alongside the sales from the same time frame the previous year, helping you gauge your business health over time. 

Note: For UNFI SVHarbor Year Over Year Sales, Crisp only receives the past 53 weeks of data, so the dashboard defaults to a one week time frame to ensure that you have complete YOY data for comparison. If you filter for a longer time period than you have previous year data for, the previous year's sales will appear as zero sales, and you may see artificial growth in the summary tiles. To make sure you are comparing complete data, ensure the line chart shows non-zero sales for both this year and the previous year. 

2.png   Year Over Year Sales Dollars

This line graph displays your sales dollars for the selected time period alongside the sales dollars from the same time frame the previous year.

3.png  Overview Tiles

These tiles provide high-level information about your sales performance and patterns. Once you add filters, these tiles add even more context, displaying sales and sales changes in dollars and units.

4.png  Year Over Year Sales by Product

This sortable table updates based on your selected filters and shows your top-performing products and comparison data from the previous year. 

Sales Drivers

1.png Year Over Year Sales by State (heat map)

This heat map allows you to quickly observe states where product popularity is high versus states that are underperforming. Hover over a state to see sales from the selected period and prior year, as well as the percent difference year over year. If available, you can see data by zip code by right-clicking a state and selecting By store zip, enabling you and your marketing team to make more strategic decisions regarding SEO and distribution.

2.png Year Over Year Sales by dimension (tables)

These sortable tables provide sales data based on dimensions like city, chain, or distribution center to help you gauge where your performance is high and low. You can use this information to:

  • Spot top-performing cities which can help you make decisions on product placement and geo-targeting.
  • Understand which chains are purchasing your products and which are underperforming or not purchasing anymore.
  • See which distribution centers stock your products to give you a better sense of regionality.

Sales Details


1.png Details table

This table provides more store-level information to help you put your insights into action. You can click on a cell to filter the table or select the Tile actions menu (Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 10.00.27 PM.png), then select Download data to export your data to an Excel file that you can easily share with others.