Crisp's business health dashboards provide the essential analytics for running a great food brand. The Shopify Distribution dashboard is divided into three sections:

  • Overview: See a snapshot of what's going on with your distribution.
  • Drivers: Understand the events that contribute to your distribution.
  • Details: Dig in to granular information that you can act on to improve your distribution.


The Overview section provides high-level information about your distribution. Use the following map of the screen to guide you. 


1.png Customers Over Time

This graph tracks the number of customers you have over time to help you understand how customer numbers impact sales.

2.png Sales Quantity Over Time

This graph displays unit movement over time.

3.png Overview Tiles

  • Customers in Selected Period: This tile displays the total number of customers that purchased from you over the selected time frame. 
  • Sales Quantity in Selected Period: This tile displays the total number units sold over the selected time frame. 

4.png Distribution by Product

This sortable table displays your products by the number of customers who purchased that product, as well as the number of customers from the prior year to help you understand the changes in your distribution. 



1.png Distribution by state (heat map)

Hover over this heat map for more details on distribution at the state level or right-click on a state to drill down further. 

2.png Distribution by city

These sortable table provides distribution data based on the city to help you gauge where your performance is high and low. You can use this information to spot top-performing cities which can help you make decisions on advertising and geo-targeting.



This table provides more granular information to help you put your insights into action. You can click on a cell to filter the table or select the Tile actions menu (Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 10.00.27 PM.png), then select Download data to export your data to an Excel file that you can easily share with others.