You want to keep an eye on your promotion or social media campaign while it's in progress, so if there are any issues you can take action to improve the success of the promotion. 


To monitor your promotion/campaign:

  1. In the first week of the promotion/campaign, see if you are experiencing a boost in sales by monitoring your promotion using the methods in the Evaluating Promotion Success article.

  2. If you do not see sales lift in promotion/campaign stores and you know inventory has arrived in all the stores, you can organize a physical check of the store to make sure that the display was actually set up in the stores. You can use merchandisers to visit stores, call stores to confirm the display is set, or use third-party services to check stores. If you find displays are not set, you can work with your retailer to ensure they get set up.

  3. If you do see a sales lift, but it was quickly followed by a drop in sales, you can confirm whether you are short on inventory in the promotion/campaign locations. If you find low inventory in stores, work with your retailer to re-stock the promotion/campaign items. 

  4. If you show consistent sales lift (indicating a successful promotion/campaign), you may want to further capitalize on the success by scheduling product demos, offering digital/physical coupons, or targeting digital ads to the zip codes where you are seeing success. 

  5. For promotions, if the promotion is highly successful, you can also provide the sales lift data to your retailer and advocate for including more stores in the promotion or adding a greater variety of your products to the displays.