Feature Preview Note: The following article describes an alpha feature. This feature is not currently available to all.

If you are new to Crisp or aren't sure how to get started using our dashboards, Quick Reports allows you to answer a few simple questions about how you want to use data, then provides you with the dashboard we recommend using, pre-filtered to suit your needs. 

To use quick reports:

  1. From the Crisp landing page, select the Quick Reports tile.
    A screen appears with business goals to choose from.

  2. Select one of the following business goals to start building your quick report:

          Understand my business health

    • See how sales are doing year over year: Compare sales to last year to discover what drives growth.
    • See how velocity is doing year over year: Track how product success is changing year to year.
    • See how distribution is doing year over year:  Learn how your distribution contributes to sales and growth.

      Increase Velocity

    • Plan a display promotion (coming soon): Plan a display promotion, such as an end-of-aisle display, to maximize sales in high-performing stores or boost sales in underperforming stores.
    • Plan a price promotion (coming soon): Plan a price promotion to help boost sales in under-performing stores, drive trial of your products, and increase the number of repeat customers.
    • Monitor a promotion: Keep an eye on promotions in progress, so you can address issues like low inventory that may drive down success or take actions to further boost a successful promotion.
    • Evaluate promotion success: See how a sales promotion impacted your sales, so you can measure its success and use what you learned to plan for future promotions.
    • Plan a social media campaign (coming soon): Discover products and locations that are best to target for a social media campaign.
    • Monitor a social media campaign: Track your campaign while in progress, so you can adjust targeting to optimize success.
    • Evaluate a social media campaign: Measure the success of your campaign, so you can dig in to what elements made the campaign more or less successful to help you plan future campaigns.
    • Evaluate seasonal performance: Track the sales performance of products with seasonal availability or high volume.
      Increase distribution
    • Gain distribution for products already on shelf: Pinpoint products and locations that would be ideal for expansion.
    • Find poorly performing stores for discontinuation (coming soon): Identify low-performing areas where it would be beneficial to both you and your retailer to scale back distribution.

      Keep products in stock
    • Locate voids (coming soon): Find and address stores where a retailer has agreed to sell product, but the product isn't on the shelf to help you keep sales steady and maintain distribution.
    • Evaluate void reduction effort (coming soon): Track how many voids were addressed successfully.

  3. Once you select a report type, select the retailer or distributor you want to evaluate (e.g., Whole Foods).

  4. Choose how you want to measure success in the report (e.g., Year Over Year Sales Percent Change)
    Note: These options vary depending on the report. Year Over Year helps you compare your sales the previous year, while trending sales allows you to focus on a recent time frame.

  5. Select additional criteria for the report, such as time ranges, products, and geographic regions. Note: These options vary depending on the report and retailer/distributor you selected.

  6. If you want to save the report for future use, select Save to My Reports and enter a name for the report.
  7. Click the Run button.
    The Crisp dashboard that is best for your analysis appears, pre-filtered with the criteria you selected. If you chose to save the report, you can access the saved report any time by selecting the My reports button at the top-right of the screen. For more on saved reports, see Saving reports for easy access. For more on common data tasks in Crisp, see the CPG data basics section