You can see UNFI Insights dashboards that are powered by Crisp within the myUNFI portal, but you can also access your UNFI Insights data and other Crisp features that help you make the most of your data by logging into the Crisp platform directly.

To access UNFI Insights data within Crisp:

  1. If you are accessing UNFI Insights data in Crisp for the first time, you need to set up an account or link an existing one by completing the following steps:
    • Log in to the myUNFI portal.

    • From the Supplier Reporting section, select the UNFI insights tile.
      The main UNFI insights screen appears.
    • From the side navigation panel, select the Crisp tile.
      A screen appears where you can link an existing Crisp account or create a new one (at no cost).
  2. Once you log in to Crisp, you can access the following Crisp tools that make analyzing and sharing data a snap. 
    • Select the Dashboards tile to access your UNFI Insights dashboards within Crisp.
      Tip:  For instructions on adding the connector, see the Adding the UNFI Insights connector section.

    • You can switch between dashboards by using the dashboard menu at the top-left of the screen.

    • You can apply filters to your dashboards to focus on specific time frames, products, chains, and more. For more: Applying filters.

    • You can save reports, so that you can set up your filters once and access them again with one click. For more: Saving reports for easy access. You also share your reports with others (whether they are Crisp users or not), so you can easily share your data insights to internal stakeholders at your company, buyers, etc. For more: Sharing saved reports.
      Tip: For information on how to use Crisp data to meet common business goals like increasing velocity and distribution and keeping products in stock, see CPG Data Basics.

Accessing harmonized retailer data and other Crisp features 

Crisp offers connections to a large number of retailers and distributors, so you can analyze or access all your data from one place. If you have or purchase Crisp connectors for other retailers/distributors, you can add the UNFI Insights connector to: 

  • Incorporate your myUNFI data into our Harmonized sales dashboards which provide a synthesized view of your sales data across multiple retailers or distributors, so you can get a quick snapshot of your business health.

  • Automate exporting your myUNFI data directly to a BI tool or cloud storage application, such as PowerBI or Google Cloud Storage. Once you purchase destination connectors, just select the Destinations tile and follow the instructions in the relevant article in the Exporting Your Data section to set up the connection. 

To add the UNFI Insights connector:

  1. From the main menu on the left side of the screen, select Connectors.


  2. Select the Add connector button.


  3. Select the UNFI Insights tile.

  4. If you want, update the name for the connector, then select the Save button.

Your myUNFI data is now visible in our harmonized dashboards and is available in any destination connectors you have set up.